Wes Sine’s new book explores entrepreneurship from an institutional perspective

Administrative Science Quarterly reviewer praises Institutions and Entrepreneurship as “an excellent overview” in “this new area of scholarship”


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Wesley Sine, associate professor of management and organizations and faculty director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute, at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, has co-edited an important volume in Emerald Books’ ongoing Research in the Sociology of Work series. The book, Institutions and Entrepreneurship, was reviewed by Klaus Weber, professor of management and organizations at Kellogg School of Management, in the June 2012 issue of Administrative Science Quarterly, Johnson’s highly-respected academic journal.  


Weber’s review called attention to the pioneering nature of Sine and his co-author’s diverse, balanced, and well-crafted collection of work on the intersection of institutions and entrepreneurship — two phenomena that are typically considered polar opposites. While institutions are thought to be rigid and formal, entrepreneurship represents an unconstrained and creative impulse. Sine has argued that institutions and entrepreneurship are more interrelated — both in theory and practice — than is commonly assumed. As he pointed out in Institutions and Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial activities can be glimpsed in institutional processes, whereas institutions lay the groundwork for different kinds of entrepreneurship.


Sine’s book and its positive review in Administrative Science Quarterly reflect how scholars affiliated with Johnson and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute continue to be on the cutting edge of theory and research.     


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