Johnson’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion Launches Diversity Council

Group to strengthen collaborative efforts between Johnson and Cornell University

Johnson’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion Launches Diversity Council

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management is proud to announce the launch of its Johnson Diversity Council (JDC). The JDC will serve as a liaison to the Cornell University Diversity Council, which was established in 2006 to deepen and reinvigorate the University's commitment to creating and sustaining an inclusive campus community.

Currently carrying out Cornell’s founding vision to promote a diverse environment where “any person can find instruction in any study,” Johnson’s ODI looks forward to strengthening this mission and collaborating with the University’s Diversity Council.

“We are very excited about the launch of the Johnson Diversity Council, said Nsombi Ricketts, director of the office of diversity and inclusion. “This group will build upon ODI’s legacy to improve diversity and inclusion in the Johnson community.”

Johnson’s commitment to increased diversity not only supports the University’s diversity-focused strategic plan initiatives, but it also deepens the School’s pursuit to foster an inclusive academic and work environment.

The JDC has outlined its goals and is committed to:

·        Proposing five diversity initiatives to be undertaken by Johnson each fiscal year

·        Developing strategies for improving diversity and inclusion at Johnson

·        Creating a diversity and inclusion scorecard to monitor progress toward achieving annual initiatives

·        Preparing an annual diversity and inclusion report to present to the Dean, Management Committee, University      Diversity Council, and University President David Skorton

Within Johnson, JDC will support the Dean and Management Committee in implementing Johnson’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. The Council will report to Ricketts and will be comprised of students, faculty, staff, and alumni representatives.

2012 Johnson Diversity Council volunteer members include: Students: Michael Beck, MBA’13; Renita Chaney, MBA’13; Shubhika Dhawan, MBA’13; Rodrigo Tejeda, MBA’13; Amardeep Virk, MBA’13; and Alexis Yu, MBA’13;

Faculty: Randy Allen, associate dean for international and corporate relations and senior lecturer of management; Glen Dowell, assistant professor of management and organizations;  Vishal Gaur, Emerson Professor of Manufacturing Management and associate professor of operations management;  Angela Noble-Grange, senior lecturer of management communication; and Kathleen O’Connor, associate professor of management and organizations;

Staff: Kathy Doxey, manager of human resources; Nsombi Ricketts, director of the office of diversity and inclusion; Sonia Rucker, associate director of the office of diversity and inclusion; Kerwin-Michael Smith, director of the office of the registrar and student academic services; and Fred Staudmyer, assistant dean and director of the career management center

Alumni: Ted Becker, MPA’77; Christian Duncan, MBA’10; Amy George, MBA’84; Ken Gurrola, MBA’95; and Joe Wilson, MBA’86.

All members of the Cornell community are invited to submit questions or suggestions for JDC via email at odi@johnson.cornell.edu

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