Johnson Bolsters Admissions Team as part of Recent Two-Year MBA Curriculum Relaunch

Johnson Admissions led by new Executive Director

Johnson Bolsters Admissions Team as part of Recent Two-Year MBA Curriculum Relaunch

As part of the recent Two-Year MBA curriculum relaunch, Johnson has bolstered its admissions team, led by new Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Judi Byers. Byers comes with over 10 years of admissions experience and received the 2013 American University Alumni Eagle Award for her significant contributions as director of admissions at The Kogod School of Business in Washington, D.C.

“As graduate business education continues to evolve to meet the needs of students entering the business world, it’s clear that Johnson is staying abreast of the latest innovative advancements in programs,” said Byers.

The redesigned curriculum represents the next series of innovations in Johnson’s long-established history of pioneering MBA education. Johnson invented immersion learning, introduced one of the first 12-month MBA programs for candidates with an advanced degree, and was in the vanguard of sustainable global enterprise education.The Two-Year program is intended to prepare MBAs to lead, with an emphasis on critical thinking, targeted leadership skills and data analysis and modeling.

“It’s clear the revamp of the Two-Year MBA program includes impressive enhancements and will make these offerings even more attractive to prospective students domestically and internationally,” said Byers.

Byers noted that Johnson’s innovative approach extends to its admissions process in which candidates have the option to populate portions of their applications directly from LinkedIn.

“Over the last 6 months we’ve received positive feedback from students that can now share their LinkedIn profiles and portfolios through a streamlined and easy-to-use process,” said Byers.

Rounding out the Admissions team are newcomers Admissions Director Gail Wolfmeyer from New York University’s Stern School of Business and Admissions Manager Chris Lind from American University.

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