Johnson Sees Uptick in MBA Salaries, Amid Robust Placement

2015 Employment Report outlines picture for summer internships and full-time jobs

Johnson Sees Uptick in MBA Salaries, Amid Robust Placementinline-block

Johnson’s Career Management Center (CMC) works throughout the year to prepare students for career success in a competitive job market. The center’s 2015 Employment Report reflects its commitment to students and job placement. Among other data, the report shows high percentages of internship and post-graduation employment as well as an increase in graduates’ average base salaries when compared to the previous year’s report.

The CMC connects students with potential employers, provides networking opportunities, and offers one-on-one support — it is this variety of resources that lands Johnson graduates among leading companies, such as Deloitte, Amazon, Ernst & Young, Citigroup, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. These were the top five companies that hired Johnson students in 2014–2015. The CMC brought students more than 2,400 job postings, 400 more than the prior year.

Among Two-year class of 2015 graduates, 92 percent received at least one offer of employment within three months after graduation, and for the first time in recent history, a higher percentage of international students reported job offers than U.S. students. Finance and consulting continued to be the most popular job functions for this class (with 39 percent  and 25 percent of graduates accepting positions in those functions, respectively), and average base salaries for graduates employed in finance, general management, and marketing and business development increased compared to 2014.  

The two-year class of 2015 reported an average annual base salary of $119,100 — an increase of more than $8,000 from the prior year’s class, while the one-year class of 2015 average annual base salary was $122,500, up more than $5,000 from that reported by the One-year class of 2014. One-year class of 2015 graduates also noted increases in annual salaries in consulting, finance, and marketing and business development functions.

To provide new and expansive resources for students, the CMC continually strengthens relationships with company recruiters. During the 2014–2015 academic year, recruiters gave the CMC staff a 4.29 overall rating (on a scale of 1 to 5) in how they supported on-campus recruiting efforts. The 2015 Employment Report notes the CMC hosted almost 100 companies conducting 257 interview schedules and welcomed 12 new companies for on-campus recruiting. Recruiters also rated Johnson students a 4.17 for professionalism and presence relative to students at other schools. This above-average rating reflects the caliber of students at Johnson, and the CMC aims to amplify student potential and provide opportunities to prepare them for their job search and careers.

In 2014–2015, the CMC expanded career programming during orientation for the two-year MBA class and the early weeks of the fall 2014 semester and also organized dozens of Career Work Groups for first-year students in the class of 2016. Additionally, the CMC conducted more than 1,200 individual advising sessions with residential program students. Although permanent employment was about a year away at the time of the report’s survey, 99 percent of the two-year class of 2016 reported they had internship offers by August 2015.

Cynthia Saunders-Cheatham, executive director of the Career Management Center, praises the “unwavering commitment” of Johnson alumni, faculty, staff, and corporate partners in helping make student achievements possible.

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