Eskedar Getahun

Eskedar Getahun

Two-year MBA '16

Age: 31
Hometown: New York City
Education: Master of Science in Applied Social Research, Hunter College
Bachelor of Art, Barnard College
Prior Employment: MDRC

Why I chose Johnson

I wanted to experience a rigorous MBA program in the context of a small community with the resources of a large university. I also wanted to be at a school that recognized the growing importance of incorporating sustainability issues into the MBA curriculum. In my first year at Johnson, I had the opportunity to do really interesting field research in Zambia through the Sustainable Global Enterprise immersion. I also had the opportunity to participate in the BR Microenterprise (BRM) this past year (with my classmate and fellow SGE-er, Erin Popelka), coaching a local entrepreneur who offers carpentry classes for women – Hammerstone School.

In my second year, I am looking forward to taking on a leadership position with BRM. I will also have the opportunity to engage in the Ithaca community while directing the Johnson Board Fellowship program, which places Johnson Fellows on boards of non-profits in the Ithaca area.

Distinctions and Awards



Career Treks

  • Sustainable Global Enterprise NYC and Washington, DC Treks


  • Research Assistant, Sustainable Global Enterprise

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Favorite Cornell Activities