Sukriti Jain

Sukriti Jain

One-year MBA '16

Age: 30
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Education: Master’s Degree in International Business
Prior Employment: Corporate Banker at Yes Bank

Why I chose Johnson

With clarity of career path and considerable industry experience, I wanted a one-year fast tracked program that provides an opportunity at focused learning in the fields of finance and strategy, and development of leadership acumen in a cross-cultural environment. I also wanted an institution that becomes my gateway to an extensive alumni network.

Finally, I was looking for a school that resounded with my core values of joy, optimism, and family. Johnson, at the heart of Cornell, fitted perfectly in my MBA search puzzle. The One-year MBA in Ithaca program, Cornell’s strong alumni network, and a collaborative community not only challenges you to achieve and grow but also facilitates and supports you in this process. Three months into the program and I am very glad about my decision - Cornellian for Life! Go Big Red…

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August 25 2015

One-year MBA Summer Core – My Gastronomical Take!

Johnson MBA and gastronomy! Really? What’s the connection? Does she mean Johnson or Statler?” I am cognizant that the title of this article could be prompting such responses but just as a true wife does; let’s blame it on the husband who was insistent on watching travel and food shows while I was writing this!

What I set out to do is tell you about my experience in Johnson’s One-year MBA program’s famed (and often dreaded!) summer core. Reflecting on the past three months, I have many emotions and thoughts, but what’s all enveloping is a sense of growth and accomplishment.

Cornell sunset

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Friends and family have been asking, “How has the experience been?” You know what? I have often been at a loss for words. It has been a great experience. The summer packs a learning punch (quite literally!) of 12 months’ worth of curriculum rendered in just three months without compromise in quality. In my humble opinion it would be an injustice to describe this in such black and white monotones.

Allow me to reveal the mysterious title. For all you foodies out there, my take on this is slightly gastronomical. In the recipe of summer core, we took 10 courses taught by expert and passionate professors, put it in a broth of an amazing mix of student diversity, seasoned with moments of excitement, bliss and stress (mind you, loadzilla of it!), stirred with nine exams, eight quizzes, eight group assignments, and eight presentations. Serve it hot, garnished with friendships, disapprovals, “socials” and parties! In spite of being the connoisseurs that we all are in our respective fields, this summer still turned out to be quite a new culinary delight.

Cherry blossom at Cornell

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With summer break drawing to a close, I am excited to go back and be a part of the bustling Cornell campus, marked with exquisite beauty, intellectual and creative energy, spirit of achievement and a promise of a bright tomorrow. Go Big Red!


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