Olga Abrosimova

Olga Abrosimova

Two-year MBA '17

Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia and Eschweiler, Germany
Education: Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Prior Employment: Founder, OA Project
Senior Producer, Noelle-Elaine Media, Inc.

Why I chose Johnson

Cornell has a very special place in my heart. When I first started researching graduate degrees, I was leaning towards law school until one of Johnson’s professors took the time to speak with me and explain why an MBA would be a much better fit for me. Not only did she save me from a catastrophic career choice but she also introduced me to Johnson family and encouraged me to apply.

I really enjoy being around Johnson’s small, tight-knit community and I know that my time here will be filled with challenging but equally rewarding experiences, new friends and opportunities for me to leave my mark. I know that I will be able to create my unique Johnson journey.

Distinctions and Awards


  • Plan to establish a Bitcoin Club


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Favorite Cornell Activities