Devesh Verma

Devesh Verma

One-year MBA '16

Age: 35
Hometown: New Delhi
Education: Bachelor in Information Technology
Diploma in Management
Prior Employment: Entrepreneur

Why I chose Johnson

I chose Johnson because it offers an MBA program suited for the future with access to cutting-edge technologies, revamped curriculum, and a small class size that allows unparalleled one-on-one interactions and collaboration.


Customized Immersion


Career Treks

  • NYC Trek


Completed a full-semester project for a leading Canadian Bank and presented project recommendations at its annual conference in Toronto, Canada.

Social Media


Favorite Cornell Activities

Sunday Brunch at Robert Purcell Community Center or North Star Dining Room
Cornell Men’s Ice Hockey
Johnson Museum of Art
Cornell Symphony Orchestra
Big Red Barn Graduate and Professional Student Center
Walks and treks around campus (too many to list and name. I really love discovering new ones).