Emil Thomas Philip

Emil Thomas Philip

Two-year MBA '17

Age: 26
Hometown: Kerala, India
Education: Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering

Why I chose Johnson

“Always eager and willing to help.” Those were the first thoughts I had about Johnson students and alumni during my first interactions with them.

I am looking to switch my career industry, and believe Cornell’s world recognized brand, coupled with its fascinating network of alumni and students, will surely help me achieve my goal.

Johnson’s Immersion Program prepares students to be industry ready; something I look forward to.


September 15 2015

Using Marketing Strategies to Stay at the Top

Every now and then, we see changes in the expectations of consumers and in the way things are produced and marketed. We see new market players come about with brilliant ideas, new technologies and alternative strategies. In spite of all this, some major industry leaders have managed to hold the fort for years without letting a major dent in their armor. Generation after generation, they still manage to captivate their target audience. One might wonder how a company manages to stay at the helm of the market for so long. To remain a market leader, an organization has to keep improvising its marketing strategies and exciting consumers with new products and services.

A few weeks ago, I was walking in a nearby shopping mall when a newly opened eatery caught my attention. With lots of families and children lined up outside the store, there was an inexhaustible vigor around it. On making my way through the crowd and having a closer look, it struck me that it was no ordinary eatery but a promotional restaurant of a famous food manufacturing company.

Customers were invited to the restaurant to taste new products and engage with the newly introduced brand. The venue was impressive with creative posters and flashy advertisements. Managers served customers, answered their queries, and collected feedback. We were surprised to know that everything was free of charge. Promotional coupons, food samples, and pamphlets were distributed to customers to ensure repeat engagement with the brand. The long queue outside the restaurant reflected well on the newly introduced products. The company set up such restaurants at several prominent locations in the mall which attracted heavy foot traffic and kept the excitement running high.

Social media channels were integral to promotional activities. The company launched a competition in its wide Twitter community to reach out to customers who were unable to meet the restaurant. Online feedback portals were open for customers to reach out and communicate with the organization. Through such channels, interaction was possible with a far wider audience, and this generated greater zeal in the products than was possible only through traditional marketing strategies.

Using such innovative and stirring modes of marketing an organization can drive its sales further and strengthen its position as a market leader. Using social channels, it can market products in interesting and creative ways gaining new customers as well as retaining existing customers.

The food company certainly managed to understand and balance the marketing mix in reaching out to its customers. Now, the company has to ensure it learns from these initiatives to improve future strategies.


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