Robert Brink

Robert Brink

Two-year MBA '16

Age: 29
Hometown: Westport, CT
Education: Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Cornell University
Prior Employment: Deutsche Bank; IMS Consulting Group

Why I chose Johnson

No other school has the breadth and depth of resources available to students. The level of teaching at Johnson is far beyond what I anticipated. Attending Cornell for the second time, I’ve been able to engage with the community and expand my learning experiences well beyond the classroom. If you’re at all outdoor minded, the beautiful campus offers an opportunity to connect with classmates in a way unlike any other school I’ve visited, while still having close access to NYC.

Distinctions and Awards

To Push a Runner, Friends Give a Tough-to-Beat Gift
July 22, 2015

To Push a Runner, Friends Give a Tough-to-Beat Gift

Rob Brink and the distance runner Sara Slattery ran through a set of eight 1,000-meter runs as part of a workout at the East River Park track arranged by Brink's friends for his 30th birthday.



Career Treks

  • General Electric Career Day
  • West Coast Clean Tech Trek
  • New York City and Washington DC Sustainable Global Enterprise Treks


Social Media

Favorite Cornell Activities