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Dino Trevisani

Dino Trevisani, MBA ’09

Dino Trevisani is vice president of IBM’s Financial Services Sector, Americas. He presently manages the Citigroup account at IBM and also holds the title of Managing Director, Citigroup. He is responsible for the sales and solutions teams for the financial services industry, including retail banking, capital markets and insurance, across North and South America.

Previously, Dino served as Vice President, Financial Services Sector, Canada. Responsible for building on IBM’s success as Canada’s leading provider of innovative technology solutions for Canadian banks and insurance companies, he led a team of financial services experts dedicated to delivering world-class services and applications to help financial services organizations grow and compete on a global scale.

With a career spanning almost 20 years in financial services and management, Dino joined IBM Canada in August 1997, where his results-driven approach produced first-of-a-kind industry solutions initially in Canada and then in the United States, where he served as Vice President, Financial Services Sector, West Region, and then as Vice President, Financial Services Sector, East Region. Dino had responsibility for business relationships with major banks and insurance companies in the United States, where his teams deployed scalable technologies to help clients meet business objectives.

Dino holds an Honors Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University in Canada and an MBA from both Johnson at Cornell University and Queen’s School of Business in Canada (CQEMBA program). He lives in Ridgefield CT with his wife Julie and their three children and is an avid golfer who enjoys playing a variety of sports in his spare time.