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Joseph Cherian, PhD '93

Dr. Joseph Cherian (Joe), PhD ’93, Professor of Finance and Director of the Center for Asset Management Research & Investments (CAMRI) at the National University of Singapore Business School. As Director of CAMRI, Dr. Cherian conducts research and teaches in areas related to the investment management industry. He previously was a managing director at Credit Suisse, serving as chief investment officer and global head of the quantitative strategies group where he had direct responsibility for over US$67 billion in client assets managed to a quantitative discipline. He currently serves on the Singapore government’s Central Provident Fund Advisory Panel, the Singapore International Mediation Centre’s Panel of Technical Experts, the Journal of Alternative Investments’ Editorial Board and on the Scientific Advisory Board of Nipun Capital, a boutique hedge fund based in San Francisco. Dr. Cherian formerly served as a review board member of the Research Foundation of the CFA Institute, and on the Scientific Advisory Boards of Orissa Group, netDecide Corp. and SKG Inc., all based in the U.S.