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Michael Brown

Michael Brown is a serial entrepreneur (3x) and executive technical and operations leader possessing 15 years of experience building enterprise SaaS companies, managing global development and sales teams, and implementing cross-functional strategic process improvements. Currently he serves as an executive advisor at DNA Healthcare, a revenue-cycle management company and WorkedWith, a employment services and security company. Additionally Mr. Brown provides business strategy consulting for other start-ups within insurance and legal fields.

Mr. Brown has successfully executed and completed numerous partnerships for clients within technology, publishing and real estate. Previously as VP of Software Development for Xtiva Financial Systems his responsibilities included the development of company-wide BPO and BPM process reengineering across three countries and the transitioning of services to SaaS. Mr. Brown has worked for companies including Scripps Networks, Microsoft, American Express, a Partnership for a Drug Free America and MetLife.

Mr. Brown earned a degree in Economics from Oberlin College, is a member of Johnson’s Class of 2014, a Student Representative to the Advisory Council and a Class Representative.

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