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Randolph B. Brown, EEng '84, EE '85, MBA '86

Randy Brown is the Global Head of Deutsche Insurance Asset Management. In addition, Randy is a member of the Hedge Fund Investment Oversight Committee and President of the Board of Directors of Deutsche Asset Management Schweiz. Randy joined Deutsche Bank in 2007 after 22 years of experience, most recently at BlackRock, where he was Co-Head of Portfolio Management for the Financial Institutions Group. Prior to BlackRock he was a Principal in mortgage trading at Morgan Stanley and ran the Mortgage Trading desk. He began his career as a mortgage-backed securities trader at Salomon Brothers. He has a BS & MS in Electrical Engineering from the Phillips School at Cornell University, and an MBA from Johnson, also at Cornell University.

Randy and his wife Margaret are active with Cornell, where Randy is on The Johnson Advisory Board, The Life Sciences Advisory Board, the Cornell Council, and a Director of the Parker Center for Investment Research. In addition, Randy is a Director for City Harvest, and Margaret is President of the Greenwich Academy Parents' Association.

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