Thomas H. Mulligan, BS '73, MBA '77

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Tom Mulligan '73, MBA '77

Tom Mulligan is a Managing Director in the Corporate Banking Group of JPMorgan Chase in New York City.  He covers the Market Structure sector as part of the Financial Institutions Group.  His clients include securities exchanges, intra-dealer brokers, retail brokers and investment banks. Tom joined Chase Manhattan Bank after graduation and covered traders throughout his entire career. He financed gold arbitrage during the 1980 market spike and moved to Chase's Wall Street division in 1985. His clients have been the focal point of several market events over the past 25 years.  He’s been a member of JPMorgan’s recruiting effort at Cornell since graduation.

Tom was a founding member of the Johnson Club of New York in the 1980s - well before the Cornell Club of New York existed.  He’s also been active in class leadership since graduation. The class of ’77 holds several reunion attendance and participation records to this day.  Mulligan has represented the Johnson as a member of several Cornell alumni groups, including the Cornell Alumni Association and the Cornell Alumni Trustee Nominating Committee. Tom has served on the Johnson Advisory Council's nominating committee since 2005 and is a member of the Cornell University Council. He earned his undergraduate degree from Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Tom & his wife Carolyn live in Summit, New Jersey where they have been active in the community and school groups.  They are the proud parents of 3 children who live in the greater New York area.