Strategic Plan

Building Our Future Together

The strategic plan for Johnson supports our broad strategy of being a general management school that uses performance learning, cutting-edge research, an intense collaborative community, and Cornell connections to develop students to their full, unique potential and have a positive impact on business and society.

We bring a number of competitive advantages to the marketplace:

  • Performance learning, the innovative educational approach, whereby students apply theory to real business problems and develop actionable results
  • Pioneering research in the disciplines that are fundamental to management practice
  • Relatively small size, located within a major Ivy League research university, and a collaborative community, deliberately intense and intentionally supportive
  • Deep and broad connections to the larger Cornell community

Our new strategic plan mobilizes Johnson to build on these advantages to meet three overarching objectives:

  • Develop business leaders who create, transform, and sustain successful organizations-our MBA graduates
  • Create research and new knowledge that shapes the future practice of management-our faculty
  • Train the next generation of management scholars-our PhD graduates

These objectives enable Johnson to bridge its greatest asset-the knowledge created and gained here-with organizations and people outside of the school. We will build these bridges through:

  • Our MBA graduates, who bring to their companies the unique marriage of theory and application gained through our performance learning model
  • Pioneering research by our faculty, who bring their discoveries to the work of practicing managers and fundamentally shape management practice;
  • Our PhD students, whose life's work will influence countless business students, managers, and corporations.

Several hundred of Johnson alumni, students, employees, friends, and corporate partners informed the six initiatives of the plan. We are grateful to everyone who participated, and now must ask you to roll up your sleeves for the hard work of implementation. With the valuable contributions of time, thought, and financial resources from our stakeholders, we can make sure that Johnson remains one of the top business schools in the world, and insure another decade of excellence in graduate business education at Cornell.