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Sep 27

Written by: Cindy Nham
9/27/2013 11:05 PM  RssIcon

Official Cornell sweatshirt, check.  Tailgates in the parking lot, check. Sounds of the Big Red Marching Band in the distance, check.  Welcome to Cornell University Homecoming 2013!

The morning of homecoming was windy and rainy, but it did not stop the plethora of Cornelians who came out to celebrate.  Each college and campus group had a tent set up in the parking lot. The Johnson tent was buzzing with Johnsonites, food and beer in hand and new red and white scarves on our necks. We hopped from tent to tent that morning, sneaking into the guarded tents of the Hotel and Engineering school to enjoy their bar and food offerings. I even managed to snag a few t-shirts from undergraduate booths (one can never have too many red t-shirts at Cornell!).  

I’ve always loved homecoming. There is something uniquely charming about decking out in collegiate gear and being obnoxiously mean to the visiting team.  Around me, I saw alumni with their crowns of silver hair, lugging seat cushions and rain ponchos to catch the game against Bucknell.  Alumni of recent classes lined up with their children for the ferris wheel and face painting, talking amongst themselves about new Collegetown installations like Level B and the Gates.  And of course there is our class; the newly minted Johnson Class of 2015, ready to partake in this classic tradition.  Homecoming is a time for generations to collide; the past, present, and future of Cornell congregating in one place.  It’s a time for nostalgia and a time to thrust into the new academic year. 

Walking past the parking lot of Sage Hall later that day, I saw that our parking lot had been taken over by a tailgate specifically for fraternities and sororities.  It made me a bit nostalgic for my undergraduate Greek life.  I could pass as one of them.  I could have easily snuck in and joined the party.  Too bad my sorority doesn’t have a chapter here.   You can borrow our parking lot for now, Greeks, but we’ll need this back in time to study for Accounting later tonight.

And for those keeping track, yes we beat Bucknell, 45-13!

Photos courtesy of Arnav Sawhny and Sierra Stewart. 

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