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Sep 29

Written by: Li He
9/29/2012 1:07 PM  RssIcon

Warmly welcome to my Johnson blog! My name is Cecilia (Li) He, and I was born and raised in China and received a Bachelor of financial management from Xiamen University, which is the most beautiful university in China, we can call it as “China Cornell”.

After graduation I accepted a position in KPMG and stayed there for nearly 2 years. I enjoyed my experience in KPMG very much, not only because it allows me to build solid accounting and finance skills, but also it enables me to learn how to be a good team player. I have had many happy memories with my team members in KPMG, although we usually have to work for long hour, I still enjoyed the day and night that I spent with my team.

After KPMG, I joined Groupon China and helped them to set up China office because I want to learn the story behind the numbers, which is inside of the business. I was one of the first 5 employees of Groupon China, so I have witnessed and involved in all the ups and downs of Groupon China, including its parent company’s IPO and its acquisition to another company, which became valueless experience for me.

So I am interested in pursuing a career in Investment Banking that will allow me to utilize my technical and quantitative skills, and my expertise in dealing with client relationships.
I am very excited to spend coming two years in Johnson, which is my top choice. The small community here means a lot to me, I can’t find a single word to describe my appreciation to the help I got from Johnson community. That is also the reason why I want to be a blogger, I want to regularly share with you about my Johnson experience, hope it can be a good resource for you to learn Johnson thoroughly.


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