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Oct 19

Written by: Li He
10/19/2012 11:06 PM  RssIcon

I was so excited to share with you this news about my beloved Johnson: earlier today, Bloomberg Businesweek released the following article on conversion rates from summer internship to full time offer for the class of 2013, and Johnson is the No.1 in all the US Top MBA program! I am so proud of being Johnson students, and if you have the opportunity to visit our Sage ( the home to Johnson MBA students), you will immediately understand where my passion for Johnson comes from!

Here is the article I am talking about:

For me, today is so special and full of surprise. We have Johnson Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony and Reception today, to honor Mr. David J. Breazzano, MBA'80, who has been dedicated to help Johnson community for many years. This honor is the highest form of recognition that the dean can render in the name of the Johnson community and it pays tribute to those who have been the most generous supporters of the School-as evidenced by their outstanding leadership and dedicated service in building Johnson's strength.

Also many notable alumni came back to Ithaca from all over the country for this moment and to discuss future development of Johnson, it is really a life-time opportunity for Johnson MBA students to see so many distinguished alumni and learn from them. Can you imagine that to attend this highly prestigious, all you need to do is to bring your Johnson name tag? Those alumni are all extremely successful leaders in their own industry, and I feel so honored to have opportunities to talk to them and learn from them. At that moment, I felt that choosing Johnson is one of the smartest decision I have ever made in my life, because you can never find a place where the alumni cares so much about this school and about the students here. So I think alumni network is the most valuable asset of Johnson, and I can dare say it never depreciate! 

Following are some photos I want to share with you

1, With Mr Roy H Park MBA'63 and Mr Jeffrey P Parker MBA'70

Mr Roy H Park is also famous for the Roy H Park fellowship he found for Johnson student, it awards for Johnson students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership potential.

Mr Jeffery P Parker is the founder of the Park Center for Investment Research, our student-managed hedge fund.


2, With Mr David J. BREAZZANO, MBA '80

As mentioned before, Mr David is a co-founder, President and Chief Investment Officer of DDJ Capital Management, LLC, Waltham, MA, a registered investment advisor focusing on high yield, distressed, and special situation investing. He and his family have contributed a lot to Johnson community, and the whole school has benefited a lot.

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