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Nov 27

Written by: Li He
11/27/2012 5:47 PM  RssIcon

This is my first Thanksgiving in US, full of happy memories. I spent my thanksgiving night with my classmate and also teammate's family, because Johnson is such a small community that we always stay together for most of important festivals, that's why we are so close to each other, just like a family.

Before thanksgiving break, we have had a integrative case competition which sponsored by Johnson's premier sponsor and strategic partners - Citi Group. This case requires us to apply what we learned from core courses to solve real business problem. This year, we are asked to work on a business problem related to Yankee Candle, the most prestigious and famous candle brand in US. More importantly, we have the privilege to talk to CEO of Yankee Candle directly and listen to his view on his company. I really enjoy the whole process so much, after spending 48 hours together with my team members, we build a solid friendship with each other, I believe nobody would forget this unique experience even 10 years after graduation!

X-mas is coming, we are so busy with finals and recruiting, although Ithaca becomes colder and colder, but I can still feel the infinite energy inside Sage Hall. Who don't like X-mas holiday? So let's work hard to embrace coming holiday!

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