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Jan 28

Written by: Li He
1/28/2013 4:32 PM  RssIcon

Many people emailed to ask me to share more academic and career development information in Johnson, so I was wondering, maybe I am too into non-professional aspects here, it is time for me to provide some professional information to you guys! (lol, don't be so serious, play hard and work hard)

First, talk about internship. 

For investment banking division, we have a very good year, actually. Many of our students who are concentrated in this area get their dream offer, congs to them! I have to say that pursuing a career in banking is a long journey, which requires extensive efforts, but they will eventually pay off, so for many banker-to-be, this week is their happy week! 

For Consulting guys, they are now working very hard in the interview process, many people get into the final round of Mck, Bain and BCG, and of course, they will have a final round recently, so god bless them!

For General management gurus, some of them have already get offer from big companies of different industries, but for most of them, those companies are still interviewing candidates, they won't know the result until March or April.

For Corporate Finance Johnsoners, their Spring is for sure coming, because Corporate Finance job usually will come to campus later than Investment Banking, so they still need to fight for their offer in recent few weeks, but just as old saying goes, winter is coming, can spring be far away? 

Secondly, talk about study trek

Johnson has one of the biggest advantages which can not be found in other school: Cornell University. So Johnson usually has many opportunities to leverage Cornell alumni network to benefit its MBA student, we have trek to different countries in the world, no matter where we head to, we always can find Johnson or Cornell alumni who are already very successful there, the benefit for this is: we can extensively and thoroughly learn local cultures and business, usually going to those treks will be one of the most unforgettable experience in our MBA life. 

Will talk about Professor and Student Club next time, so let's enjoy some interesting Johnson moments here:

Our Sage in the snow

Big Red Barn ( One of the hottest in-campus bar)

Our woman are just having fun by making our Johnson guys more beautiful, and obviously, we got a lot of "like" on our Facebook Group

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Re: Winter is coming, can spring be far away?

Nice glaces:

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