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Mar 13

Written by: Li He
3/13/2013 9:22 AM  RssIcon

I was so thrilled by the talks given by C-level executives who visited Cornell and Johnson in those days, I am always active in those speaking events, as I firmly believe that this is a great opportunity for me to increase my MBA IRR(Internal rate of return)! Especially when I interact with those C-level people who was in Cornell many years ago, I feel everything is possible if you truly want it and fight for it without stop.

"Cashless Future" from MasterCard President and CEO Ajay Banga

Mr. Ajay Banga is a cool and honest CEO, I truly like his management style and his open mind. If you ask me what makes him to be in this CEO position for such a huge Fortune 500 company, I would like to say:

1, He embraces every opportunity to change, never overplan his career path
    When asked to give us some career advices, he mentioned this. He shared that he never plan his career to be CEO, but he is open to all the possible changes, adjust himself quickly to those risks, and finally perform! This is proved by his tremendous international experience: staying in more than 10 countries, interacting with people and employee from all over the world, always being humble to learn from young generation, all of above makes him outstanding and fun to work with.

2, Be respectful and open
    Future is belong to people with global mindset, because business world will become more and more international. To having a global mindset, showing respect to people from different culture background is very important for all business executives. It is always easier to say international than to do it, it is a long journey to become truly international, it requires a big heart to tolerate people who eat different food, enjoy different style party, or even different dressing style.

"Always give options to yourself to walk away" From P&G CFO 

Jon Moeller is one of the most notable alumni from Johnson, he managed an international well-known firm - P&G, I was so impressed by his strong management style, but when he mentioned his story with his wife, who was Johnson alumni, he became a very cute person. My takeaways is: A man who always mention his wife is no doubt a good man!

"Stay Cool, Stay smart" From David Einhorn, Founder of Greenlight Capital

As a highly influential hedge fund manager, David Einhorn is also a very good-looking alumnus (Forgive my not being professional, but many Johnson girls also said that),  although he is actually 43, but he looks like 33, how come that he never ages???? When asked his predication of Mets' performance in the coming year, he smiled and answered: I hope they can finish their season!

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