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Apr 11

Written by: Li He
4/11/2013 10:55 PM  RssIcon

"If you want to fly like an eagle, you can't shit like a pigeon" - Barry Ridings, Vice Chairman of Lazard

This Wednesday, we were quite privileged to have Barry Ridings, Johnson alum, Advisory Council member, and Vice Chairman & Co-founder of the Restructuring practice at Lazard to join us for our final Hass Lectures In Finance class. Mr Ridings s a tremendous supporter and friend of the Johnson school, one of the top minds in the restructuring business, and a very engaging speaker. I heard his name long time ago, not only because of his reputation on the street, but also because of his strong generosity to Johnson. However, until I saw him in person yesterday, I didn't know he is such an interesting and down-to-earth person. I really enjoyed listening to his experience sharing, which makes me proud of Johnson school again and again.

As an expert in restructuring practice, of course his lecture is finance and valuation oriented. But when I look backward, I think what I will believe for the rest of my life is a life story and one sentence from Mr. Ridings.

Be Prepared: in Mr. Ridings' very first class in Johnson, Professor Hal Bierman asked the class a question based on a summer reading assignment, Mr. Ridings then didn't read the case, so he hided himself in the end of the classroom, but Professor Hal Bierman looked at him straight in the eyes and asked “Mr. Ridings, what do you think?”, Mr. Ridings felt so awkward, "God, how come he wants me to answer this question and he also knows my name?" That's when Ridings says he learned his first big lesson: to be prepared – always. For me, the takeaway is: you never know who you will meet, you won't know when the opportunity will come, so be prepared all the time.

"If you want to fly like an eagle, you can't shit like a pigeon", when Mr Ridings said this to our class, all of us laughed, but afterward, I was so impressed by the story behind this sentence. Although he doesn't mention why he thinks in this way, I can thoroughly understand how hard he has tried to make his own life story. Being such a distinguished person like him, I believe he always push himself to fly like an eagle.

" Life is a fight, always stay for another round" - Panama President, Sr. Ricardo Martinelli

Because of my Colombia trek, I was impressed by South America, culture wise and economic growth wise. Today I feel so honored to get opportunity to meet Panama President, Sr. Ricardo Martinelli, who visited Cornell and signed education training contract between Panama government and Cornell University.

With business background, Sr. Ricardo Martinelli became President in year 2009 with over 60% voting. He shared that he never imagined that he can run presidency and win, but the same with Mr Ridings, he learned his first big lesson through a boxing competition, when he lost so badly. After that, every time before he wants to give up, he pushed himself to stay for another round until victory! He keeps telling himself this since then, and that is how he built his own business world ( the biggest supermarket in his country) and how he won presidency after the first big loss (only 5.4% supporting rate in year 2000).

He encouraged people who want to make difference in his/her life to become politician, he insisted that if you want to change the place you live, you have to lead it and make the change happen! This is exactly the motivation that push Margaret Thateher to run for prime minister! 

Cornell University is absolutely the best place to change yourself, there are so many resources and support that can transform your future. I can't imagine I only have one year to go. Anyway, I should and must leverage everyday in Cornell to shape my future! For you, prospective Johnson students, this week is Destination Johnson which is totally belong to you, I hope you will fall in love with this school, as I am now!

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Re: Life is a fight, always keep your dream

Barry Ridings is really a legend! Thank you for sharing this, Cecilia!

By Jerry Cho on   4/17/2013 5:05 PM

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