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May 27

Written by: Li He
5/27/2013 1:08 PM  RssIcon

Dear prospective Johnson students, 

Summer is officially in Ithaca now, because graduation season is coming! Although I can't stay in the campus to witness the MBA degree coronation moment, I still can feel Class of 2013's deep love to Sage, to Johnson, to the whole Cornell University.

Yes, everyone loves Johnson, no one is an exception, I like Previous Dean - Joe Thomas's famous sentence: We are not like those city schools, because we truly have heart and soul, maybe you can't feel it everyday, but when it is time for you to say goodbye, you can truly understand how deep your love to Johnson is; having anticipating how emotional I will be when I graduate next year, I decided that I should treasure every moment I spend with my Johnson crew.

Dear Class of 2013, 

We, Class of 2014, love Class of 2013 so much, no one can imagine how much time and energy they have sacrificed in order to help us, from J.O.E to JLF, from resume review to pitch development, from informational interview practice to technical training, from numerous TA sessions to cheat sheet passover, without Class of 2013 in Sage, Sage won't be Sage anymore! Class of 2013, we promise, we will learn from you, share everything we know with Class of 2015; We promise, we will try our best to help them to the next level of Johnson excellence.

Never say Goodbye to Class of 2013, because we believe we have plenty of opportunities in the future to shape the Johnson history and make Johnson proud of us!

We love you, Class of 2013

Best regards,

Class of 2014

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