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Jul 8

Written by: Li He
7/8/2013 6:23 PM  RssIcon

Summer is the most beautiful season in Ithaca, but for most of our MBA students, we started our MBA in September, left Ithaca for internship in May, went back to Cornell in September, and then graduate in May, so we literally don’t have opportunities to stay in Ithaca for the whole summer. I personally was in Ithaca last July and August for English-As-Second-Language summer school, so I still remember the smell of those Finger Lake Wineries, the Cornell-made Ice cream and the horse riding classes I took with that charming young lady.

 How is everybody’s fourth of July? I was in Ithaca last fourth of July, but this year, I went to Chicago and have a lot of fun. I was obsessed by the building, the lake, the food and the people there! The more cities I have travelled in US, the more open-minded I became, and also the more eager I have to learn more about U.S history, actually not only U.S history, but also culture of all different countries. Standing in the middle of my MBA study and in the end of my summer internship, I realized the changes I have had within this year are truly huge and positive. I visited different cities, countries, tried to accept all the different existence, made friends from variety of cultural background with my sincerity, involved in my community and worked hard to make it better; From the Johnson school to Cornell Club in NYC, from our immersion director to our alumni in my office, I got lots of unbelievable help, which keeps pushing me to work harder and harder every day, because I hope one day I can be strong and competitive enough to help other Johnson students, Johnson community and our Cornell brand.

For those who are in Ithaca already for language summer school, make sure you guys enjoy as much as you can in Cornell Campus.

For those who are about to head to Ithaca for new life, we, 250+ second year students, are ready to help you all the way of MBA journey.

So see you all in Ithaca soon!


I will share some photos of Chicago 

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