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Aug 9

Written by: Li He
8/9/2013 8:35 PM  RssIcon

Class of 2015 is officially on board now, have fun guys! Class of 2014 is now harvesting their hard work for the whole summer, good luck to all!

This summer, I have worked with many MBAs from other top schools, this experience enables me to have a better understanding about Johnson: down-to-the-earth excellence! I still remember that during 2013 Johnson Follies, the previous Dean Thomas told us why he love Johnson: We are not like those city schools, we got heart and soul! After this summer, I understand this more and more!

I already can't wait to going to Ithaca, the new 2nd year, must be fun!

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Re: Harvest

Great to Meet you at the Old Ezra meeting! Your blog was really insightful!

By William Lin on   9/1/2013 4:37 PM

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