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Oct 3

Written by: Li He
10/3/2013 9:44 PM  RssIcon

I am gradually getting used to be a second year: Be a TA for first year, sit aside watching their tight and busy schedule, drink coffee with them and share my first year and summer experience; everything is telling me: Cecilia, you are a second year!

Being a second year is not easy at all! When I was a first year, I always imagine my exciting life in second year, especially during the days we need to get up in early morning to take Finance quiz, or I took the Thursday bus to NYC for banking informational interviews. Now when our first year are going through exactly what we have done before, I suddenly feel so proud of ourselves, so many tough exams, so many early morning torturing quiz and so many frustrated moments, we all get it done!

Meanwhile, I love Johnson more. I was a taker last year, now I am a giver! My classmates and I are eager to help all the first years, we worked so hard to pass our experience to them, to prepare them to be a better MBA, to push them beyond their comfort zone. All of those efforts are voluntary, Johnson system is just like a highly effective machine, we are all in different sections to make sure the machine can operate efficiently and produce high quality MBA.

Fall is the best season in Ithaca, I was too busy to find how beautiful it was last year, but as a second year, I do have time to explore more beauties of Ithaca, Ithaca is really gorgeous!  

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Re: From a taker to a giver

Cecilia, I love your blog, your word is always positive!

By Jennifer on   10/16/2013 3:48 PM

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