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Oct 16

Written by: Li He
10/16/2013 7:07 PM  RssIcon

When I was young, my father always told me, "stand up from where you fall down."
Growing up in a military family, I was shaped into being a very tough girl. I take things seriously when needed.
If it comes to learning a new sport, I push myself until I reach my limit. I think this is also the Johnson/Cornell spirit.

I promised myself I would learn a new sport activity every semester while in business school. Last year, I learned how to ski and fell in love with it. This semester, I have challenged myself to learn skating, which is very exciting but also painful. Although I have fallen down numerous times (my whole body hurts), I am almost there! 

This is a tiny story from my daily b-school life, but I wanted to leverage this opportunity to show you guys a well-rounded view of Johnson. Sitting in this beautiful Ivy-league university, Johnson has many resources which we can leverage to fuel our future. I think you probably have a very good idea about how grateful I am for the high level of exposure I have received from Johnson/Cornell community. I will continue to talk about that in my next blog.  I would like to share some skiing photos with you guys. 

1) I fell down so many times...

2) Getting to know the tricky part of skating...

3) I finally made it. Although not perfect, I am almost there!

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