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Dec 2

Written by: Li He
12/2/2013 8:20 PM  RssIcon

Hey there! How was everybody's Thanksgiving holiday? I really had a wonderful break, and I hope you had the same!

I had a very special Thanksgiving this year. Professor Richard Coyle invited my fellow students and me to his house to for a Thanksgiving dinner with his family. This year, I have become very close to Professor Coyle after having the opportunity to take his "International Consulting Practicum" class. It is my favorite class at Johnson because it gives me the opportunity to work on real international business problems for sponsoring multinational companies. I personally learned a lot by working with my Johnson crew as well as students from IIMB, a top Indian business school. Moreover, as an emerging market fellow, I truly respect Professor Coyle's open-mindedness, resourcefulness and helpfulness. Professor Coyle is not one to tell you something just because you want to hear it. He points out what you should think about, which, in the end, is more useful.  

Speaking of Thanksgiving dinner, one thing I must share about is the food. The cheese chicken with ham was so good that I could not help but eat three big portions. On top of that? A gourmet brownie tower with rich cream that absolutely won everybody's heart that night. No one cared about eating in moderation or weight control. How could you say, "No?" The hero behind the wonderful food was Professor Coyle's wife Denise.  We all suggest she open her own bakery in Ithaca to compete with the Ithaca Bakery Company!

Speaking over dessert was the highlight of my Thanksgiving dinner with Professor Coyle's family. Having lived and worked in Alaska and Germany before, Professor Coyle shared his interesting experiences in these fascinating countries. Professor Coyle is a wonderful storyteller, and because he graduated from Johnson in 1986, he knows almost everything about Ithaca and Johnson. Who is the most dedicated wine collector in Johnson? Where can I get the best German beer? Who can teach me the Cornell Ice Hockey cheers? Ask Professor Coyle. Together with his wife and daughter, his family gave us such a sweet and warm Thanksgiving dinner that made the holiday complete.

Please allow me to leverage this platform to say "Thank you," to Professor Richard Coyle for inviting us to Thanksgiving dinner, cooking such an amazing dinner for us, and for understanding how important it is for us to spend the holidays with good company, especially when you are 10,000+ miles away from your home.

Last but not the least, Johnson is made up of many Professors like Richard Coyle who really care about the students, that understand us, and that are willing to try their best to make our MBA journey perfect. Since it is the Thanksgiving season, I want to give thanks. Thank you, Professor Richard Coyle. Thank you, Johnson Professors and other faculty. Thank you, my Johnson crew, you make my life more colorful! Finally, thank you Johnson. We will forever love you, support you, and champion for you!

Photo with Professor Richard Coyle's family


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