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Sep 28

Written by: Angela Yang
9/28/2011 1:36 AM  RssIcon

After surviving midterms, the next big deliverable was the SCJ Case Competition. This past Friday, each of the core teams had to give its recommendations on a case provided by the Marketing Faculty. It was pretty fun. All throughout Sage, groups of 4 or 5 could be seen in business formal, preparing to present in breakout rooms, or in the Atrium decompressing because they had already gone. It was also the SC Johnson's corporate briefing the night before, so it was a fantastic opportunity to network with Johnson alumni from SC Johnson and to see what the presentation at the end of a brand management internship would be like. Two of my friends ended up in the finals, and one won. Also, another friend won the "best speaker" prize, awarded to four students with the best presentation skills during the competition. I am surrounded by greatness!

Now we have hit one of the busiest weeks ever! Two quizzes, a paper, a group assignment due Monday, and finals are fast approaching. The interesting part about group assignments is trying to work around everyone on your core team's schedule to get together. As we are all pursuing different careers for the most part it adds to the flexibility we need to have. For example, one of my core team members will be off on the Consulting Trek to NYC for a couple of days at the end of this week to meet several companies, but we already met to discuss and will rally afterwards to put together our write-up. I have a pretty awesome core team, so I know it will be superb!

Today I helped a schoolmate practice her Spanish through the Latino Business Students Association's "Cafe Con Leche" (Coffee with Milk), chat sessions with fluent Spanish and Portuguese speakers. It was so exciting to see her express herself in Spanish, especially since she is not of that heritage. This evening, I went to Bhangra Night, hosted by the South Asia Business Club. It was a good chance to experience a bit more of the South Asian culture. All this, and it's only the beginning!

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Re: Case Competition and busy-ness!

Hola Lynnette, estoy siguiendo tu blog. Voy a aplicar a Johnson ahora en Enero por el Consortium. Me gusto mucho lo de la associacion "Cafe con Leche" encanto el nombre.

By David Arza on   12/4/2011 5:18 PM

Re: Case Competition and busy-ness!

Hola David! Que tal la aplicacion? Suerte, y me dejas saber si te puedo ayudar en algo!


By Lynnette on   1/4/2012 9:57 PM

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