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Oct 16

Written by: Angela Yang
10/16/2011 4:30 PM  RssIcon

I write to you from the Campus to Campus, an express coach bus that travels between Ithaca and the Cornell Club in NYC on a daily basis. That’s right - I’m heading back to Ithaca from fall break in NYC! It was short and sweet. I just ran into two of my classmates on the bus and we chatted about how we spent our breaks. It’s a really comfortable ride, and there is Wi-Fi on the bus, so I can get my blog up and my pre-reading for my first core finance class tomorrow done.

A recap of the past couple of weeks: we finished our last set of quizzes and then either prepared for diversity conferences or got a start on finals. For about 15 of us, we left Ithaca for Atlanta to attend the National Black MBA Conference and continue the internship search process. This conference boasts thousands of attendees and hundreds of companies looking for top talent! A handful of other classmates went to Columbia’s Social Enterprise Conference last Friday. Thus, we all had to take the econ makeup on Tuesday – right after the marketing final! It was tough, but we made it! Now we are on to the second half of the core. Kind of unbelievable!

This time around I have back to back classes, though last quarter, I had a break between my first and second classes. This means I get out of class earlier and can hit the gym earlier, but I also have no time in between for extra reviewing before class. Luck of the draw this time!

This is also an exciting month because it contains the two diversity weekends for Johnson – Johnson Women in Business (JWIB) and Johnson Means Business (JMB) the last two weekends of October. I remember how important JMB was in helping me decide Johnson was the place I wanted to be. I hope to meet those of you coming to visit! Come and say hi!

I am attaching a photo of my friend Jenny and me at Homecoming, with the fabulous Johnson scarf, and of the Johnson reception at National Black in Atlanta.

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