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Aug 31

Written by: Angela Yang
8/31/2012 2:18 PM  RssIcon

The life of a second year commences! After completing my three projects and wining and dining for one last week in Milwaukee, I am finally back in Ithaca. I didn’t go to Thailand, but there will be time for that later in the year!

Over the summer, I really got a look into what brand management is and would give the experience a B+, A-. The other interns were impressive (first picture below). We were exposed to all senior management - had breakfast with each of the four BVP's (Business Vice Presidents), had lunch with the entire NA Executive Committee, a lunch with the CMO, and a quick hi with the CEO. In terms of work, I understood the typical Ziploc consumer and her behavior with regards to bags and containers. I was exposed to the innovation pipeline at SCJ and the new product development process. I built a great relationship with one of SCJ’s creative agencies while developing a brief for my creative project, which was a graphics change on a confusing package as per consumer feedback. I am happy to report the new package will be out in stores in the fall! My manager, a fellow Cornell alumna, was outgoing and bright. It was great to have her to learn from.

As much I enjoyed SCJ – how collaborative people were and what a great place it is to raise a family – it is not the place for me at this stage in my life. I want to go abroad early in my career, especially to Latin America and that is not possible there. As a candidate for Emerging Markets Institute Fellowship, I must be true to that desire and utilize my time in business school to pursue my true passions. For those of you just applying, or beginning your first year, please keep that in mind as you start on this journey and be true to your passions.

I left my internship and spent a few days in NYC with my family and came to Ithaca to be a facilitator for J.O.E which stands for the Johnson Outdoor Experience (second picture below). It is a two day event at Camp Casowasco, where the first years experience challenging team building activities and take a break from the core. Coming back as a facilitator was so rewarding because not only did I get to help a group of first years with their activities, but I also got to know the new class, and they’re an amazing bunch. I’m really looking forward to the next year with them.

This year proves to be a fun yet challenging one for me. This quarter I am taking very popular courses - Macro and International Trade (full semester course), Oral Communication, International Marketing, Women and Leadership, Management Writing and Salsa Partner Work! I am a Career Work Group Leader, which is a second year that helps first years prepare for interviews in their desired career focus. I am also a co-chair of the 3rd annual Diversity Symposium which will happen the same weekend in October as Johnson Means Business (the diversity weekend for underrepresented minority applicants). The planning committee is off to a strong start, and I envision us pulling off a wonderful and memorable event. Combine this with other extracurricular activities, keeping fit and recruiting, and I know I will be almost as busy as last year.  

Second year,  I'm ready for you - bring it on!

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