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Dec 13

Written by: Mike Zani
12/13/2011 11:47 PM  RssIcon

It is now just a little more than a week ago that brought the close of our first semester, and the proverbial “icing on the semester cake” was two Final Exams.  I actually have to laugh each time I hear myself say “Final Exams”.  The last time I uttered those words as something I actually needed to prepare for, the only person I knew who owned a cellular phone was Gordon Gekko!  Yes, I know he’s a fictional character, but you get my point.  Well, the finals have come and gone, and they were indeed as challenging as you can imagine.  As I await my last final grade for the semester I have been able to exhale a bit, grab some personal time, and get back into a (somewhat) normal balanced daily regimen.  Have to say, it feels pretty darn good.  The mind is a little clearer, can focus better, though could probably still use a little more decompression time to feel fully refreshed. 

Though I am excited to regain some breathing room for the next few weeks until we trek back to Ithaca for the second residence week, there has been an “absence” this past week.  I miss speaking with my team members.  Team, you ask?  Well, your overall academic performance is not solely predicated on individual output; most classes include deliverables to be completed with your study team.  At the start of the semester, the class is divvied up into 12 teams of 5 students (actually one of our teams had only 4 since we only have 59 total students – come on, I know you can do the math).

Our team, “Team 5” or “T5” were a mighty bunch.  In fact, we were recognized by our Stats professor as the the highest performing team in the class.  Actually, I think he named us as “The team whose sum is greater than its individual parts”.  Either way, I’ll take it as a compliment.  Yet, it is pretty amazing that five absolute strangers from very diverse backgrounds (I mean, we had a doctor on our team!), all type-A personalities, that came together twice a week and as a group pumped out some pretty fine work (if I don’t say so myself).  However, we didn’t function as a mere group – we were an absolute “team”.  As proud as I am of our team’s performance, what I miss right now is the camaraderie and energy of our calls (yes, a gratuitous dramatic moment).  But all love is not necessarily lost... The “T5” experience has formed a bond among us that we will share for years well beyond graduation.  That is assuming we do graduate...  What am I saying, yeah, we’ll graduate!  That’s just the accumulated lack of sleep still talking, I think.

So what made our calls so special, you ask?  (Yes, I heard you ask that.)  Well, we agreed from the onset that we would be crisp, to the point, well prepared, and (most importantly) have fun!  We actually even allocated dedicated time at the start of each call just for personal chit chat.  It really set a good healthy tone for the work portion of our discussions.  (Geez, I wish I could have some of my “real work” calls be half as productive as those.)

“So, Mike… What’s your point?” (Yes, I heard you ask that too!)  Well, I suppose my point is that this is an example of something incredible we are getting out of the program that I never really expected.  Of course we are all here to obtain a MBA from an exceptional program, that’s obvious.  We also want to learn something new, hone our existing business skills, and even hoped to meet new and interesting people.  I just didn’t fully estimate exactly how close I could get with some in such a short amount of time, in particular the members of my first team.  We started off as a few individuals to form a group, quickly grew as a team, and have ended up friends (yet another gratuitous dramatic moment).

Well, our team has just made plans for a pre-holiday dinner in the city next week (I will take pictures!), and I can’t wait to get together.  I am sure they’ll give me some ribbing for being a sap on this entry.  It’s ok.  Hey what are friends for?

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Re: What they DON'T tell you about the program...

Excellent post Mike ! Thanks for the special mention of T5 ! Looking forward to meeting up soon !

By Hari Challapalli on   12/16/2011 4:56 PM

Re: What they DON'T tell you about the program...

You bet Hari - see you soon my friend!

By Mike Zani on   12/16/2011 4:56 PM

Re: What they DON'T tell you about the program...

Nice post mate!

By Guy on   12/22/2011 3:23 PM

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