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Jan 6

Written by: Mike Zani
1/6/2012 11:45 PM  RssIcon

For those of you in the 40-plus year old generation, you may recognize this blog's title as the title of an Allman Brothers album.  For those of you reading this who are in the traditional MBA program, I sincerely hope you have even heard of the Allman Brothers, or albums for that matter...  One of my all time favorite songs is from that album, "No One Left To Run With", and right now one particular line keeps dancing in my head...  "I'm gonna hit the road, adios my friend...."  Well, in about 7 hours (to be exact), I will be doing exactly that - hittin' the road!  That's right - tomorrow we head back to Ithaca for our second residence week of the four total that we have throughout the program, and I'm thrilled!  It will be great to see my classmates.  In fact, I'm so excited to get back together with everyone, that I am not even stressing about the work that we'll be doing throughout the week.  Ask me come Thursday night if I am still feeling this way...

I live in Westchester County, NY and the drive up to the Ithaca area is such a relaxing ride that offers plenty of countryside to soak in.  Once on campus, it will be a day of relaxtion and reading.  Well, now that I have looked again at how much more preparation I need by Monday, maybe more reading than relaxing.  Humph...  So much for the stress to start sinking in until Thursday....

The week ahead will be filled with 3 elective courses from Monday - Friday that only last this week, and with our ongoing semster courses beginning on Saturday.  Electives I have chosen would be: Negotiations, Coaching for Executives & Critical Thinking.  Then we dive into Business Strategy & Operations on Saturday.  I am particularly enthused for these courses as they fit right into my career aspirations.  This ought to be a good week.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, a slew of us from the 2012 & 2013 classes are going skiing & snowboarding Sunday - yeah, some good times ahead.  Thank you out to the administration for coordinating such an event!

So, now it's looking like time for bed as I finish packing all my books, laptops (yes, multiple), CAMERA and now stare at my THREE loaded suitcases.  Don't ask.  Last thing to do is pick out a few good CDs for the ride, and looks like Allman Brothers just might be appropriate.

I know there will a wealth to share after this week concludes, and am already looking forward to painting those experiences for you and provide an inside look into the famous residence week!

Lastly, before we look forward, one last look back on some time with classmates during break.  Unfortunately, there were other lunches & dinners that were not graced by my camera, and those individuals (and you know who you are) will have their face online in the future.

Adam Kupperman and I (we both typicallly work from home) having a little post-Sushi coffee on a Friday.  The Desparate Housewives have nothing on us!

As promised among my now former team (Adam Kupperman, Guy Gresham, Hari Challapalli, Myself), we met up for a holiday dinner in the city, and had a blast!  Our 5th team member, Scott Raffo, thought the commute to 'The Big Apple' from Cooperstown was a bit much and could not join us, but he was there in spirit!  Lots of laughs that night.  What I really love about this photo is that we are such "typical executives" here...  Dinner is complete, all have their smartphones out checking late night e-mails, and avoiding acknowledging the check's existence on the table.

Finally, in the end we weilded some of our now gained Statistics and Economics prowess to ensure the check landed in the right hands.  Me? I tried to get a head start on our Negotiations class, and claim to have left my wallet in the car.  Didn't work.  Looks like I'll require the class afterall.

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Re: Where It All Begins

Great post Mike .. you bring it out the remarkably well the real ambiance of the mood of who we are.

You said ...Lastly, before we look forward, one last look back on some time with classmates during break. Unfortunately, there were other lunches & dinners that were not graced by my camera, and those individuals (and you know who you are) will have their face online in the future.
.... Patience is virtue.

By Vijay Sharma on   1/9/2012 9:43 PM

Re: Where It All Begins

You're right that picture will be an American classic. A bunch of businessmen trying to avoid looking at the check and checking their smart phones for emails. Anyways thanks for making me laugh Mike.

By Thomas Riker on   1/16/2012 2:36 PM

Re: Where It All Begins

Hi Thomas... Thanks for taking the time to read. Glad I could bring a little laughter to your day. (I think the check sat there for an hour). Best, Mike

By Mike Zani on   1/16/2012 2:38 PM

Re: Where It All Begins

Great post, Mike! Loved it!!!

By Pamela Dunaway on   1/26/2012 11:13 PM

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