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Feb 7

Written by: Mike Zani
2/7/2012 10:35 PM  RssIcon

Residence Week seems like a distant memory at this point, yet it was only a few short weeks ago.  Since Ithaca, we have resumed classes and just a couple days ago returned home from another weekend at the Palisades.  This time everyone scurried home in a frenzy to prepare to watch yet another Giants Super Bowl spanking of the Patriots.  Hey, even though I am an Eagles fan… this is NY, after all…  You want a New England angle, there are plenty of second rate institutions in the Boston area willing to accept your application.

I have to say that I am absolutely loving the courses thus far this semester, Managing Operations and Business Strategy.  Quantitative and Qualitative analysis at its finest!  For someone like myself who is steering their career towards COO (making every effort at least), these are the exact courses I have been looking forward to when I joined the program.  Hmmm, now that I just publicized that, I guess I just put some added pressure on myself to attain “A”s in both.  Well, I do better under pressure anyway…

So, tonight while I am whaling away on the computer finishing off some e-mails, Operations group project, Strategy project planning, I also look back to the great times we had in Ithaca just a few weeks ago.

First, it was a week in which we selected elective courses.  My choices, you ask?  Negotiations, Critical Thinking for Business Leaders, and Leader as Coach.  Not only do I believe these are critical skills for any business leader to master, and that these courses are essential…  These were all extremely fun!  Now don’t misunderstand me, there is some heavy preparation required to get the most from these courses.  A couple hours each night of reading business cases and articles, preparing comprehensive analyses, and capped with written assignments due the next day.  (Hey, it’s not ALL fun and games!).  Though rigorous,  each course was highly engaging, and led by energetic and entertaining instructors. 

Second, obviously some of the best memories were from our personal time together.  Prior to the official start of classes on Monday, we took in some sights and sounds of the Ithaca area.  We had groups go skiing, others tested their skills on a local obstacle course, and others went on wine tasting tour.  You need to remember something…  You ARE up at the Finger Lakes, ya know!  Try going wine tasting in Princeton, NJ!?!

Sage Hall from my view in The Statler Hotel.  What do ya know?  Snow in January in upstate NY!

Critical Thinking instructor, Risa Mish leading the way.  Risa's a recovering lawyer, who makes for one heck of a critical thinker.  You MUST take this class! 

Professor Larry Robinson for Managing Operations.  Pretty intense course, just check out all that Greek letter mumbo-jumbo in the background.  But as Prof. Robinson says...  "It's going to be, what?"  "It's going to be okay."  Fantastic instructor!

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3 comment(s) so far...

Re: We are back in action!

Great post Mike...captures the good, the better, and the work...all part of the experience.

By Douglas Beers on   2/9/2012 4:19 PM

Re: We are back in action!

Thanks Doug! Yes, was a special week in many ways, and we have more to come!

By Mike Zani on   2/9/2012 4:21 PM

Re: We are back in action!

Great post Mike... like the view of sage hall...and the quote from Larry "Its going to be Okay"....

By Sreenivas Chamanthula on   3/8/2012 10:39 AM

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