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Neeraj Srivastava, CQEMBA '15

Neeraj Srivastava 10/1/2013 3:52 PM RssIcon
By Raj Srivastava on 12/23/2013 6:21 PM
Of Marketing Marys, Owner Ollies and Demand Elasticities... 
By Raj Srivastava on 11/11/2013 6:35 PM
Greetings everyone, Along with my other friends and colleagues, I will be helping to chronicle and share some of my student life experiences in the program. As our Cornell-Queen's Executive MBA Class of 2015 celebrates a small milestone of completing six courses and getting our first weekend off, I wanted to take some time to share an interesting story which captures some of the essence of what it is like to be a part of the CQEMBA family. So here goes... There are a few anxious moments in life when you've got a lot on the line, are waiting for the final call, and trying to give it all you've got. For many athletes, it is the all-too-familiar sound of the starting pistol shot. My situation, however, was much more down to earth but nonetheless exciting. The setting was a conference hall converted to a makeshift fitness assessment room at the Donald Gordon Conference Center at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. I was here as part of the comprehensive all round development for the MBA for Executive students in the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program, about 2,700 miles away from my home in Seattle.