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Dec 23

Written by: Neeraj Srivastava
12/23/2013 6:21 PM  RssIcon

As we wind down 2013 and everyone gets ready for a week of Christmas and New Year festivities, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the last couple of months.

While in the midst of studying marketing (from various cases like marketing to Marys and/ or Ollies) and microeconomics (studying all about demand elasticities of price and other intricacies), the discussions seemed very timely with the retail shopping season at its peak. At work at a consumer electronics company, we have been, of course, right in the center of it ourselves; monitoring the market daily and running special promotions as needed. It has been helpful to learn about the intricacies around how various elements of marketing can be thought about strategically like segmentation, targeting and positioning. Our batch of CQ2015s just went through the final take home exam case on marketing, which was interesting but challenging at the same time.

CQ Boardroom

Like Prof. Stayman said, there is no right answer in some cases. One can make an argument pretty strongly. Owner Ollies, Marketing Marys and the hours of discussions we had as a team around marketing to which segment (on a HubSpot case) stands out as one of the most interesting. I liked CTO Dharmesh Shah’s class lecture discussion where he pointed out that on any given day, you could ask employees to take either side of an argument and support it.  Of course, the level of discussion increased with the quantity of alcohol intake. Truly, there is no right answer; just the path you would like to take, want to believe in and can defend righteously.

There were a couple of other events as well. A boardroom session for new prospective students was well-organized and highly attended in boardrooms across the East and West coasts. We also had a white elephant gift exchange among the 11-strong team, including a 12th man (Cornell L.), who attended as a guest in Seattle. It was great to get together for some food and drinks and exchange gifts. As the year comes to a close, it is nice to count our blessings and spend some time with family and friends knowing that 2014 will bring a lot more MBA program activities. This includes our upcoming residential session at the end of January. Until next time, I wish everyone Season’s Greetings and a very Happy New Year. Leave a comment and tell us how you are celebrating this holiday season!
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