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Oct 6

Written by: James McNulty
10/6/2012 3:52 PM  RssIcon

Today was exam day for many programs at Johnson School of Business. For the CQEMBA program it was the dreaded BDM exam also known as Business Decision Modeling exam. For me this was a tough course. BDM has many concepts to learn and comprehend in a short amount of time. This isn’t a post about the exam. So I will not bore you with how I think that I did on the exam.

A unique aspect of the program is that given that the members are all across North America, we have synchronized proctored exams.  For the West Coast it means a little more sleep in time (for those that can sleep in), because the exams tend to start at 12 pm Eastern time instead of the normal class time of 9:30 am Eastern time.

After the exam I was driving home thinking now that the stress of the exam is over what am I going to do to relax? And, what would you do to relax? For me first, it is family obligations. Must have some playtime with my son. Since, it is Saturday and College Football season, I know that I am going to follow my football teams. Being West Coat, I am a Cal Fan and then a PAC12 Conference Fan. But, I also follow every school that I attended or currently attend. So Cornell’s 13 – 45 loss to Harvard does not sit well with me.

All this relaxation has to be short lived. I have to prepare for Marketing, Macroeconomics, and more Finance. There is little rest for people going through the CQEMBA program. Eye on the prize Class of 2014.

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