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Oct 15

Written by: James McNulty
10/15/2012 10:24 PM  RssIcon

During the CQEMBA Macroecomics course, we were in the “lets read was daddy was reading” with my two and half year old son. I tried to explain to him the relationship between nominal wage and real wage, but I am sure that I did not explain the concept quite the same way as Professor Ori Heffetz, nor do I really think that my son cared. But, he did like flipping through the book and looking at the figures and graphs. Maybe yet, I have a budding economist.

Thinking about the comprehension idea further. How well do you internalize the information that you are learning in the MBA program? I always thought that until you teach you will never really learn. That is important for my learning. Is it for yours? I am finding in CQEMBA program one must be able to learn and internalize sometimes all in the same breath. That is hard for me. I am working to shift my learning strategy in order to preform well in the program.

One of the unique aspects of the CQEMBA program is that the program combines video conferencing with two residency periods at Cornell University and Queen’s University.

With a program that is packed with content and you have to balance full time work, “real” life and school life, I think that the CQEMBA provides the right balance. Now sometimes while you are in the thick of things you may not agree. But most of the time they get it right.

Plus, without having spent time on the Hill how else would I know and understand the folly that was shown in a recent episode of Parenthood. You cannot see McGraw Tower from any of the resident halls. Maybe it was a shot from Sage...

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