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Oct 27

Written by: James McNulty
10/27/2012 8:19 PM  RssIcon

The team environment. I get to work with people from a variety of different backgrounds giving me a broad and well-rounded perspective on different approaches to solving complex problems.

I have already learned so much from just being with the team that sometimes the education in the lectures is just the means to get to the team-learning environment.

I am sure that many programs have team-learning environments, but I think that the CQEMBA program is a unique because the team environment is set in the beginning based upon the boardroom location. You remain in these teams throughout the program.

Also, the program takes fostering and developing the team very seriously. I was talking to a co-worker who has been through another program and he was really impressed and shocked the amount of time that the CQEMBA program devotes to building of teams at the first resident session. But, I think it is time well spent. I learned about my other team members as well as how I function in a team environment.

Considering that you are in with you team for 18 months your team members really learn a lot about you as you learn about them. At least for the life of the program your teammates are extended family. Hopefully, these relationships continue far beyond the 18 months.

There well be times when you have to lean on your team a little more and then other times you will have to help out fellow team members. Even in this short time period of 3 ½ months each have occurred already. Having that good team basics down from the resident session has made the experience so much more enjoyable.


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