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Nov 6

Written by: James McNulty
11/6/2012 3:32 AM  RssIcon

Going through the CQEMBA program in this rapid pace I wonder am I learning anything? For me, I would have to say unequivocally yes. Sometimes it does not hit you in the face like it might in the full-time MBA program. Instead it comes at you in subtler ways. Maybe it is just the way that you view the news. Or, how you have a little different perspective in a work project. I am not talking about changing your core beliefs system here. I am talking more about the instant analysis that you do. Everything is a case study! You can begin to pick out the important and relevant information and together with other facts begin to form the “what would you do” or is this “really the best direction for marketing” answer in your head before you finish the section of passage you are reading online or the news story on the TV/radio has completed. I am learning the quick analysis skills and employing them almost subconsciously. I thought that I had those skills already and maybe I did, but I can tell you that I am using them more and they are becoming more refined everyday.

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