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Feb 10

Written by: James McNulty
2/10/2013 5:19 PM  RssIcon

One of the unique experiences about the CQEMBA program is for a West Coast person like myself, I get to see a real winter. Unfortunately, sometimes that means that we have to make adjustments to schedules to avoid the major winter storms. The weather gods were not on our side and it looked like a major winter storm was going to hit the area on our planned travel day.

As Friday came closer, it was clear that the storm was going to hit. With most of the cohort flying, that meant for sure canceled flights. The program jumped into actions and decided to end the residency session one day early. This would allow us to change our travel plans, if possible, and make sure that we would have the best possibility of getting out of the area as soon as possible.

The San Ramon team flew into Syracuse, NY. So, we got on the phone with the airlines to see what we can do. It turned out of the 7 of us, 5 were able to get out Thursday night, myself and another team mate were scheduled for the 1st flight out on Friday morning.

So, for me and a few other members of the CQEMBA class of 2014, we had an unplanned night at the Best Western at the airport hoping that our luck will hold out and the storm does what it is suppose to do and hold off and there was going to be a plane available for us to get out on in the morning.

But, I really couldn't think of that too much. The down time allowed for a little relaxation and time to work on some assignments that were due soon. If you have a computer, internet connection and the assignment, you can due the assignment almost anywhere.
O, and for the class sessions that we missed…. Don't worry we have an extra class session back at the Boardrooms to make up the missed class time.

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