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Sep 20

Written by: Sean Beresini
9/20/2013 10:48 PM  RssIcon

When I first visited Johnson during my MBA application process I noticed the strong student camaraderie almost immediately – it was far more apparent than at any other program I visited. However, until experiencing this camaraderie over the past few weeks as a first year student I can admit that I underestimated just how deep these relationships really go. As I write this note I am amazed by just how far the second-year students have gone out of their way to help see our new class succeed in our career pursuits.

In particular, returning second year investment banking students have over the past few weeks, literally, filled their schedules meeting with first year students in one on one sessions – allowing first year students to ask questions about their respective summer internship experiences. This week in particular, I have noticed some of these meetings taking place well into the late evening hours. During one of my own meetings my fellow Johnson student decided to forego his lunch break between classes to fit in speaking with me (by the way – thank you for that).

For readers that have not gone through the Johnson program, these meetings are not a school requirement for the second year students nor are these students being compensated for their time. These students just returned from summer internships where they put in upwards of 100 hour work weeks to secure full-time job offers, so there are surely more enjoyable things they could be doing to fill up their free time. Yet, each day, during each and every free moment of their free time, they are in Sage Hall meeting with us future investment banking hopefuls, driven by the simple fact that one year ago they were in our shoes. It is truly an inspiring experience to be a part of . . . I urge those of you currently looking to apply to MBA programs to answer: what are you looking for in your MBA experience?

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