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Oct 7

Written by: Sean Beresini
10/7/2013 4:32 PM  RssIcon

While our Senate and Congress members are trying to re-learn their job responsibilities, we first year MBA students are hard at work in Ithaca finishing up our first quarter - now having knocked out the first two of our three exams. Many people tend to describe the first semester of the Johnson MBA as drinking from a fire hose and I can’t help but look forward thinking the hose is only turned halfway on so far.

We aspiring bankers have only had to juggle a few items so far – classwork, group projects, quizzes/exams, career related meetings, and of course trying to keep a social life – but we now will add networking and interviewing into the mix. To kick things off we will head out from our marketing final tomorrow night to NYC for our Fall Week on Wall Street. Three days of visiting banks and speaking with Cornell alumni. This will be a refreshing change of pace after our late night study sessions of the past few weeks. After that we will head back up to Ithaca to start all over again with quarter two and prepare for weekly trips down to NYC as part of the recruitment process. I can almost guarantee my next note will be drafted as I ride the Cornell Campus-to-Campus bus during one of these trips. Until then, you will find me in Sage Hall avoiding the rain as I prepare for the marketing final . . . 

Sage Hall

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