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Oct 8

Written by: Susan Grinius-Hill
10/8/2012 3:12 PM  RssIcon

Good day everyone!  As a freshly minted blogger for the CQEMBA 2014 class I want to start by introducing myself and sharing some of my impressions of the program experience to date.

I’m what you’d call a returning student on the “more mature” end of the spectrum :) – after a few years shy of 30 years in the workforce I am now at a juncture where I can apply what I’ve gained in experience but want to couple that with some more fully rounded education regarding what makes business work well.  My personal goal for going back to school at this time of life is to increase the depth and breadth of the impact I can have on the world around me. I am truly fortunate to be able to jump into such a program right here and right now.

I have an undergrad and work background in the sciences arena with a degree in math and computer science (the latter of which, IMO, really isn’t a much of a science at all – but that’s another topic for another day) as well as some liberal arts focus (minors in both education and English).  I have always been in leadership roles in my work life – so I tend to look at things with a perspective of how impacts will be felt among parties around me, and I have experiences, opinions and thoughts to share.

I have held roles as an educator, an engineer, a program designer and program manager throughout my working life. You can see my detailed work profile on LinkedIn at if you want more info.  I’ve lived mostly in the western US, and just recently moved to the Philadelphia area, which is one of the catalysts to launch me back into school, in order to build my eastern US network and parlay my experience into the next phase of my career. 

I attend the CQEMBA classes via the New York (Manhattan) board room over video teleconference, along with about 160+ others from boardrooms across North and South America.   This means I travel via train each weekend from Philly to Manhattan to join my cohort team of seven other members and I’m really digging the whole experience.   I am typing this welcome blog while on the train trip into NYC now, and it’s a bright sunny morning.  We are preparing for our Business Decision Modeling course final class and our second Macro Econ class at about 3 months into the program.  Both are very useful courses and the pace of content delivery is stimulating and keeps us on our toes.

I look forward to sharing more and getting to converse with many of you over the next many months!

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