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Oct 15

Written by: Susan Grinius-Hill
10/15/2012 11:03 AM  RssIcon

At it again…the sun is just starting to rise and I’m clickity clacking along the tracks from Trenton NJ (I live in the burbs outside of Philly) into Manhattan for our Sunday of classes.  This is our last Sunday class day.  From here on out we will move to Saturdays. (We shared the facility with last year’s class of 2013 and they are now finished with their class meetings on Saturdays, so we will move into that spot going forward for the remainder of the program - -approximately one year from now).

I like the Sunday classes because traffic getting into and out of the city is much lighter, but it will be very nice to have Sunday’s for family time back in my schedule again. 

This has been exhilarating and a great learning experience so far, but we are really getting rolling now.  I liken it to a roller coaster ride where you take off and have a few curves and hills to begin with, but then you round that one corner, and the speed increases -- you start whipping around the loops and chugging up the tall climb for the thrilling race down and onto the next upward climb…  Or maybe it’s more like learning to juggle.  Have you ever taken one of those corporate training classes where juggling was the skill being taught?  Or received one of those stocking stuffer ‘learn to juggle’ kits?  Basically you are taught how to juggle with two bags, and once you have that down, you add a third to get the rhythm of always keeping one bag in the air while transferring two bags between hands… and then you add a fourth!   It’s actually not too difficult to accomplish if you learn how additively, step by step this way.  

That’s how this program has been structured.  We start out with a reasonable amount of rigor and some very supportive training wheels in the form of good guidance on team (cohort group) building, care and feeding, then we juggle two classes at once for a while, with our dedicated team coach there as a support.  Gradually the pace increases; we are now juggling three classes at once, and the quantity of absorption and rapidity of deliverables is more frequent.   Our coach is still there for us all the way through the program, but it does feel like our training wheels are off and we are a self-functioning group.  

My husband took his executive MBA about 10 years ago from another very good school, but they didn’t have the same level of team structure and support which is unique to this program. Given the remote engagement model via boardroom teleconferences and the shorter program length compared with many other EMBA programs – the teaming framework built into this program is a huge plus in being successful and getting the most out of the condensed learning experience.

I’m seeing a lot of applicability in the classes we are taking to both business and personal situations.  The confidence I’m gaining by having more formal frameworks to base my decisions upon is fantastic.   As I am re-starting my career now on the east coast and determining whether I should take path A or path B (or even C) I find myself evaluating my plans with more precision and clarity than I ever would have before.   How great is that?

Have a great week!

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