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Oct 16

Written by: Susan Grinius-Hill
10/16/2012 10:25 PM  RssIcon

The thing I love about being part of the Cornell community is the access to opportunity.  You might have thought I would have said “access to information”, but it’s more than that.   The information available to us and connections to potential partnerships provide each Cornell student with the ability to shape our future and the future of others around us.   I’ve engaged with the Entrepreneurship activities at Cornell and just this week alone have the opportunity to:

Hear from two entrepreneurial thought leaders about their experiences

    •  -Jen Dulski ’93, MBA ’99 -  about founding a small tech company (Dealmap) and merging into a larger one (Google)
    •  -Doug Rowan ’61 MBA ’62 - about setting valuations in a startup


Learn a new tool to help lean startups get loose ideas into communicable structure – the business model framework 


The interesting part is how to take advantage of this while participating in classes in the CQEMBA and working.   Focusing on the end goal has always helped me.  When I do that, all the other parts of the life/work/growth balance equation fall into alignment.


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