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Oct 21

Written by: Susan Grinius-Hill
10/21/2012 9:01 AM  RssIcon

Another class under our belt tonight and finished, except for the final which comes in a week or so – this time it’s Macro Economics.   This program is flying by.  The sheer amount of information and knowledge we are being exposed to at a rapid pace is exhilarating.   But I think one of the most valuable aspects of this program is the relationships with other students, the professors and the Cornell community.   We proved in our first onsite sessions in Ithaca and Kingston that many heads are better than one, and the connections we are making as we learn together are invaluable in that regard going forward. 

Today I gave my husband a virtual tour of our classroom in the New York Cornell Club center via text message, so I thought I would do the same for you as a reader.   This is probably the most swank of all the team meeting rooms because it is at the Cornell Club.  Many cohorts meet in Regis centers or other local buildings around the two Americas, so I wouldn’t say it’s wholly representative, but it does give you a sense of what the experience is like to learn via teleconference in a small group setting.    We each have a touchpad to signal the professor for questions/comments and to vote or respond to polls, so it’s a very simple set up and easy to use.  Our group is a full cohort with 8 members, while some are smaller.


Today in Marketing we delved into branding and how a brand re-make can recover a flagging product line. We reviewed several framework models that can be helpful in developing a unique and strong brand that will successfully drive business growth.  And in Macro Economics we again looked at how central banking organizations and governments must consider 360 degree implications and treatments for managing the money supply and fiscal policy, as well as helping consumers and citizens to believe in the economy in order to keep it functioning well. 

And now I’m heading back home - at night this time and it’s dark; on the train to Philly from New York – just passing Princeton.  I hopped on the train at Penn Station and texted my husband “on train”.  He texted back “on plane”…as he headed out to Europe tonight from JFK in NY, so we are two ships passing.  

I think I will take a small break from the intense reading and studying to watch a chick flick with my pet parrots when I get home.   Time for some balance.  Then, tomorrow morning I’m back at the books again!  Three homework assignments all due this week at the same time: Macro Econ, Finance and Marketing.  We are busy! 

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