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Nov 26

Written by: Susan Grinius-Hill
11/26/2012 8:56 AM  RssIcon

After a hiatus from blogging due to several factors, including Sandy the superstorm, a family reunion/wedding, and a potential new gig for my career,  I am happy to be writing again and connecting with readers.   Turns out that my blog wasn’t being cycled through the promo communiques until recently, so it’s possible that almost no one read my blog entries earlier anyway. J.  All is now in order and the universe is aligned.  Well, ok, that’s probably stretching it, but… we are cookin’ with gas!

Our two classes right now are Marketing and Finance.  I am enjoying both of them very much.   I have found that I am learning a great deal in Finance, and am coming to appreciate Marketing in a more nuanced way than I ever have before.   For example, with regard to finance perspectives – I am like a kid who’s just learned how to ride a bike.  A bit wobbly, but really enjoying the ability to pedal and move forward on my own.  In the past, when watching CNBC or Fox Business or Bloomberg channels, I would gather probably about 7-10% of what was being covered.  I mostly watched the stock tickers and understood only the highest level of information being conveyed.   When reading newspapers, I stared at the financial section and just wondered what all those cryptic articles and lists of information and data were saying to readers.   I’ve found that with both Macro Econ and ½ of the Finance class under my belt now – I actually understand all of the jargon and terminology and interrelationships between financial and policy factors that are being covered in the news.  Reading WSJ or FT is much more enjoyable now – more of the articles actually have relevance to me than in the past.    It’s as if I was living my life on the outside of an exclusive club (well, I was in a different club that was all about technology and bits and bytes, with its own subculture and incredibly complex dictionary), but now I’m in the door in the business world and at least able to make heads or tails of the conversation.   Getting a business education is truly empowering, and opens up one’s world to incredible opportunity.    I’m looking forward to our upcoming sessions this Winter, as we will move into some strategy courses and begin to start tying what we’ve learned to date together as we head into Spring.

Have a great week everyone!

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