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Oct 9

Written by: Tammy Gar - Kay Wu
10/9/2012 1:32 PM  RssIcon

The acronyms come at us, fast and incessantly.  One acronym though, BDM, has rolled off my tongue frequently over the past several months, prompting my husband to inquire “What’s BDM?”  BDM stands for Business Decision Models.  It’s one of the two courses that we plunged into when we returned home after our opening residential session.  Essentially, the course combines math and statistics with decision making. 

With its wide scope of topics, the rapid pace, and the weekly team and individual assignments, the course has been a challenge.  Yet it has made us stronger as individual learners and as a team.  Over these past two months, we have learned to pull together as a unit, to engage in healthy debate, and to lead even when we are feeling uncertain. 

After the final BDM exam on Saturday, a number of us went out to celebrate.  There was representation from all three teams in our area - Toronto, Mississauga and Markham.   It was refreshing to have a long week-end ahead of us, and one more course completed.   Most of us were feeling rather relieved at being finished with BDM; however, at least one student will miss the course.   She declared, with gusto, “I love Roger!”  (as she spoke about our professor Dr. Roger Wright).  Regardless of our feelings towards BDM, it’s time to shift gears, as we dive into our first class of Finance this week.

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